This One’s for the Mamas

The other night, as we were pulling into the drive-thru line at McDonald’s (a place a swore I would never take my kids and caved like I did on just about everything else), my five-year-old daughter said, “You’re the best mom ever!” Normally, that makes me smile. Although I did smile, a little, it made me think. I said to both kids, “You know, guys, I’m not the best mom in the world because I take you to McDonald’s.” My eight-year-old son said, “Yeah. You would be the best mom in the world if you gave us each a million dollars.”

Once I got over the initial irritation, I decided to make it a teachable moment. I explained to them that moms are more than a meal ticket and that, sadly, I would never give them each a million dollars (my son turned down his bottom lip at that to show his disappointment). I gave them examples of all the things a mom does. They said, “Oh.”

We ordered their happy meals and they chatted about what toys they thought they would get (at our McDonald’s it’s hardly ever the one advertised on the menu). I was left to return to my own thoughts again (a luxury in Momdom).

I thought about all the ridiculous things I must have said when I was their age and how oblivious I was to how hard my parents worked. Then I thought about all the moms I know and how hard they work and all the ridiculous things their kids say to them.

Mark Twain said, “My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.” I might bitch and moan more than I should, but I really do love being a mama. At the end of a tough day, I sometimes have to convince myself that I enjoy being with my kids (a glass or two of wine always helps). But I get up the next day and dig in all over again. That’s what a mom does. So cheers to all the moms out there who are teachers, taxis, cheerleaders, counselors, laundromats, and have kids who say ridiculous things to them.

my five-year-old's ode to mcdonalds
my five-year-old’s ode to mcdonald’s

One thought on “This One’s for the Mamas

  1. Sara May 10, 2015 / 12:01 pm

    Love it! So true!


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